Application guidelines

For us the most important is people’s “character and gentleness”.
We are looking for those who face work with diligence and sincerity.

Construction Dept. ・Business, sales・Overseas trades・Architectural planning, designing・General (※Only for graduates in 2023)

Category ●Construction Dept. ●Business, sales ●Overseas trades ●Architectural planning, designing
Work location Main office, also each branch (Minami-Kyushu, Kanto, Tohoku, Okayama)
Working hours 8:30~17:30
Wages ■Common to each job.
University・Postgraduate ¥200,000 (monthly)
Technical college・Speciality school ¥180,000 (monthly)
Junior college, vocational graduated ¥180,000 (monthly)
High school graduated ¥170,000 (monthly)

■Fixed overtime pay
20 hrs. ¥20,000 (Monthly salary includes fixed overtime pay)
※In case of exceeding the fixed hours, the corresponding amount will be paid.
Benefits ・Work commuting expenses (Up to ¥12,000)
・Overtime pay (We encourage employees to leave work on time. In case of overtime the authorization of immediate boss is required.)
・Compensation for new qualifications (In this company it is possible to obtain many qualifications. “Construction management rank 1”, as well as could aim for “Licenced architect rank” and others.) When some qualification is obtained, you will receive a compensation, in addition, monthly salary will be increased.
Salary raise Once a year.
Salary bonus Twice a year.
Day off・Holyday 2 days a week (saturday, sunday). Total days off a year: 125 (national holidays, summer period, new year holidays, paid vacation
Insuarance Japan social insurance.
Employee benefit Employment, job related insurance, health, retirement plan, Car commuting (possible)
Capacitation Training, etc. for new employees.
Evaluation period 3 months period.